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STEAM Facilities

Coming Soon: Mars STEAM Wing!

Scheduled to open for the 2025-26 school year

As Phase Two of the Building for Our Future campaign, the Mars STEAM Wing will house state-of-the-art facilities to support our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math programs. The building will have dedicated physics, biology, and chemistry labs, a large STEM classroom, a smaller STEM classroom, and three student project spaces. A community garden will be outside the bio and chem labs and strengthen outdoor learning.

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In the Science Wing of Schoolhouse, students are often found mixing compounds and analyzing the reaction of substances in the dedicated lab spaces for biology, chemistry, and physics.

Explore Foxcroft’s Makerspace: The Innovation Lab

Within the interconnected spaces of The Innovation Lab, students apply creative thinking to a variety of projects, using the latest technology to enhance their digital artwork or to makes ideas become reality on the laser cutter or 3D printer.

a student happily pulls a poster out of the poster printer
a student smiles for the camera while using a vinyl cutter
a student using the t-shirt press
two students and a teacher work on a robot in the innovation lab
a student and a teacher practice woodworking in the engineering shop
a student edits a film on adobe premiere pro
a 3d printed hand sits on a 3d printer

What’s In The Innovation Lab?

You'll find a variety of technology in the different spaces within The Innovation Lab:

In The Innovation Lab, students begin to see themselves as active participants in the creation of the world around them.

— Alex Northrup, Director of The Innovation Lab

STEAM Program Details

two students look over an interior design concept they created

STEAM Community Engagement

students stand with a garden door they designed and built as part of an engineering service project